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Augill Castle is likely to be unlike anywhere you have ever stayed before. Unless you've stayed there before.

The castle has been a family home to Simon, Wendy, Oliver and Emily since 1997. Their philosophy remains the same and is the opposite to a typical,  luxury hotel which strives to create order; Augill thrives out of chaos and they celebrate this with like-minded people who they're proud to have as their guests.

148 windows and an acre of roof take some upkeep. So it's a credit to Simon and Wendy, who have been relentlessly breathing new life into this once sad and neglected place for quarter of a century. Many original features have been lovingly maintained to protect the history of this beautiful building.

They've worked just as tirelessly retaining the essence of a shared country house experience; seeking to share the simple joys of country life with their guests. They keep it real to stay real; it's what makes the place so magical.

Your lasting memory will not be the facilities they provide but the friendships formed with their family and staff, whose friendliness is valued more than their efficiency. They want you to feel you belong at Augill as much as they do.

There is no reception desk to get in the way of their welcome; there are no barriers between you and the kitchen (if you need something and they can do it, they will - or an alternative will be offered); and the bar is yours to explore and get creative behind.

If all this excites you, Augill may be just the place you have been searching for; "Perfectly imperfect", as a guest once brilliantly commented.

Precisely our thoughts too.

Where you'll find us

LA8 8HR, Kendal, Cumbria, England, United Kingdom

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